Once the show is booked what do i need to do ?
Firstly, have a look at the Show Preparation Web Page. The most important issue is nearly always power and its nearly always taken for granted, so please identify where we can plug in. We have 30 metre cables but these need to be out of the way of the public.
Are Lasers safe?
There have been very few instances of eye injury resulting from laser lights. We have been operating shows for over 10 years and have never experienecd any issues and we plan out a show to mitigate any risks as much as we can.
Can I hire a laser from Pulzar?
No sorry, the insurers will not allow us to do this unless we are present and operate the equipment.
What is a Class 3B Laser
Class 3B lasers are tyipcally lasers with an outout power below 500mW. With these lasers you are able to scan the audience provided the laser is in scanning mode (asopposed to a single beam).  
What is a Class 4 Laser
Class 4 lasers are lasers with an outout power above 500mW. With these lasers you should ensure the scanning beam is at least 1-2 metres above the audience)  
What does the term audience scanning mean?
This is when a laser effect is directed into the audience, normally to create a tunnel or sheets of light that look like 3D objects that the crowd can touch.
Why do you use smoke during the show?
Smoke does have the effect of reducing the intensity of the energy levels present in the beams. However, because smoke is constantly moving and unpredictable in the way it disperses it can’t be relied upon to make an effect safe.
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