We continue to build a range of laser shows for different events and Genres and we have started to catalouge these so you can just pick one or more that suits.

In some instances these are designed as a medly of songs which help things flow and this usually runs for 20-30 minutes, or we can que shorter songs together.

However, if you can’t find what you require, we can design something that is bespoke to you or a particular event. The way we do this is to firstly design the music track which is normlly a mix of songs, but can be a selection of your own music. We then add this track to the laser design software with a view to sycronising the lasers to the music to create the best effect.

The sound and lasers in preprogrammed free flow mode can work well enough on their own, but they do look much better and professional syncronised. It would normally take about a week to produce a show from scratch so it just needs to be planned in really.