Pulzar specialises in computerised laser shows synchronised to

Pulzar Lasershows

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Set to music, fireworks work great with lasers


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2022 Relaunch

We continue to build a range of laser

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Pulzar came into being in 2009 when we


Pulzar Lasershows

Pulzar specialises in computerised laser shows synchronised to music which can be spectacular in its own right, or as part of a larger performance such as a concert or firework display.  Our laser shows are similar to the experience you would have at a firework display and substituting fireworks for lasers is becoming ever more common. The laser show can provide a spectacular grand finale for events and is ideal for the growing number of festivals. You can choose from a catalogue of pre-designed show covering different genes, or we can design you a bespoke show. For 2022 we have decided to restructure the show to reduce set up time and we have deployed a 10,000 watt sound system, smoke machines and Lasers into a mobile trailer, so we can have the show up and running within the hour and we are now less impacted by the weather.

Pulzar Lasershows

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